Fluoride: Nature’s way to prevent tooth decay

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in our water. It can be at a very high level, or minimal.  An American dentist, Dr. Frederick McKay, first discovered that naturally occurring fluoride in the drinking water could help to prevent dental decay. However, to get the most benefit of this effect, the concentration of fluoride needed to be adjusted to the optimal level.

Some have said that it is unethical to add this beneficial mineral to our community water supply. we would argue that it is unethical to prevent our water authority from adjusting the fluoride level that already exists in our water to the optimal level, 0.7 mg/L (ppm), to benefit the general public. The safety and efficacy of this adjustment has been proven scientifically many times over.

Some people may argue that it is an individual right to have their water adjusted or not. That sounds reasonable if you can adjust that on your own. However, this is not the case. It is technically nearly impossible for any individual to adjust the fluoride in his/her tap water to the optimal level at 0.7 ppm. There is no such machine available. That is not the case for removal of fluoride. You can go to any hardware store or just go online to Amazon to order an under-the-sink reverse osmosis unit. These units are NSF certified and remove 87% of fluoride from the water. This would bring the level even below what is naturally existing in our area.

Everyone should have the right to know what is in his or her drinking water. The EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act requires our public water be monitored and maintained within strict standards for everything in our water, not just fluoride. These standards are very  transparent and easily available online. If you do not trust the standard set up by the EPA, you can filter your own water. There are many people doing so. No one should have the right to prevent other people from getting the protective effect of optimally fluoridated water from the tap.